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Our formulas are part of the heritage and tradition of the Tibetan constitutional teachings. We see ourselves as a “bridge builder” between cultures, centuriesold knowledge and western nutritional sciences. We want to preserve the centuries-old and proven knowledge from Tibet and make it usable for people.

Driven by tradition – Supported by science


PADMA formulations are unique in their history, their complexity, and their effect principle.

The plants are put together, so they act additively, synergistically, and antagonistically as a composition.

This principle also reflects itself in marketing and sales. Not only as a team, but also with our partners, we use synergies to meet target-oriented needs.

We add a lot of personal commitment and take advantage of challenges and see them as an opportunity.

With much passion, expertise, and cross-linked thinking, we try to connect our PADMA customers and professional staff and complementary medicine.


PADMA combines proximity, understanding, culture, and tradition with quality, professionalism, precision, and vision.

We don’t just sell a product; we spread a philosophy and combine the concepts of Tibetan health teachings with Swiss innovative spirit and develop them.

We are very proud that over the last 50 years hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have trusted our work as PADMA and our expertise.

In the future, we will continue to do so by listening to the feedback and needs of our customers.

Mind, hand and heart

We are convinced that the valuable recipes from the Tibetan tradition and the holistic approach are of great benefit to many people and can be optimally integrated into our western system. We believe in the power of nature and the millennia-old knowledge of plants, nutrition and behaviour.

With a lot of passion, expertise and networked thinking, we bring the Tibetan constitutional teachings closer to our customers, therapists and pharmacies as a link.

Unique and dedicated

Tibetan formulas made from plants and minerals, produced in Switzerland and on the market since 1969, that’s what makes us different. We like to be different. That makes us unique and exclusive.

It also allows us to respond flexibly to situations and people.

With the mission of “Developing Tibetan Formulations”, we are committed to making the precious knowledge and formulations of the best quality available to the people.


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