It is our concern to enlighten and inform the personnel in pharmacies and drugstores, therapists, practitioners, and doctors about all PADMA formulas and the approaches of Tibetan Medicine.

The central element is personal advice on the phone or on-site to respond to needs individually. We rely on trust, experience, and competence, when it comes to the needs of our customers and partners.


PADMA formulations are unique in their history, their complexity, and their effect principle.

The plants are put together, so they act additively, synergistically, and antagonistically as a composition.

This principle also reflects itself in marketing and sales. Not only as a team, but also with our partners, we use synergies to meet target-oriented needs.

We add a lot of personal commitment and take advantage of challenges and see them as an opportunity.

To support, we offer classic communication, online and offline, miscellaneous promotional materials for the PoS, and specific training and events to familiarize you with our products and with the Tibetan Constitution doctrines.

Make an appointment for training in the pharmacy or drug store at or +41 43 343 44 44 today.

We also advise you gladly in an individual sales promotion.


Marketing and sales comes from the head and the heart for us at all levels.

We don’t just sell a product; we spread a philosophy and combine the concepts of Tibetan health teachings with Swiss innovative spirit and develop them.

With much passion, expertise, and cross-linked thinking, we try to connect our PADMA customers and professional staff and complementary medicine.


Tibetan formulations of plants and minerals are produced in Switzerland, and for over 45 years of experience in the market, that makes us different. We like different. This makes us unique and exclusive.

It allows us also to react flexibly to situations and people.

PADMA combines proximity, understanding, culture, and tradition with quality, professionalism, precision, and vision.

We are committed to health and strive to keep the understanding and knowledge of Tibetan Constitution Doctrine alive through the PADMA approach and shape it.

PADMA, in Switzerland, produces herbal medicines and food supplements, based on Tibetan medicine, since 1969, and see itself as a bridge builder between different systems of medicine.
All worldwide sold products of PADMA are manufactured and certified in Switzerland under internationally approved guidelines for pharmaceutical products.
To preserve the knowledge of Tibetan Medicine, PADMA has made an effort, since the beginning and into future, to promote scientific research into the healing properties of Tibetan formulas.