Blood vessels

75% of the blood vessels belong to the area of the so-called microcirculation. These are arterioles and venules that have a diameter of less than 0.1mm and are not visible to the naked eye. With them, the arterial system ends in the area of the cells or the venous system originates there for the return transport.

The arterial blood vessels ensure that oxygen, nutrients and defence substances reach every single cell in the body. The venous blood vessels, on the other hand, transport CO2 and cell metabolites to the excretory and filtering organs and finally to the lungs to re-saturate the purified blood with oxygen.

Elastic and functional blood vessels are extremely important so that the cellular supply and disposal mechanisms run optimally and interlock in every situation in life.

Today’s lifestyle is characterised by too little exercise, stress, a hectic and often one-sided diet as well as indulgence toxins (alcohol, nicotine, etc.) and environmental pollution. All these are factors that can have a long-term unfavourable effect on the function of the vascular system and thus on cellular nutrition.

The body strives to maintain its inner balance as much as possible. For this, however, it needs certain vital substances and a wide variety of secondary plant substances. A balanced diet contributes a lot to this.

The Tibetan teachings recognised centuries ago that plants provide the body with nutritionally important substances that maintain the balance of energies. This is why plants are at the heart of the unique Tibetan multi-substance herbal formulas.

Herbal formula for cellular nutrition with 20 natural ingredients and vitamin C. This contributes to normal blood vessel function through normal collagen formation, normal gum function, immune system, as well as cell protection against oxidative stress and regeneration.