Circulatory disorders

The circulation takes place throughout the whole body and is a key element for health. Therefore, a circulatory disorder can be felt in different parts of the body:

  • In the arteries of the leg (e.g., arterial occlusive disease)
  • in the feet (e.g., in diabetic foot)
  • in arteries of the internal organs (heart, kidneys)
  • in the arteries of the pelvis (uterus, ovaries, penis)
  • in the coronary arteries (in case of angina pectoris)
  • the brain (e.g., memory problems, dementia)

Bei Durchblutungsstörungen der Venen können z.B. schwere Beine sowie Spannungsgefühle in den Beinen und Armen auftreten.

Circulatory disorders of the veins, such as heavy legs and tightness of the legs, can occur.

The first signs of circulatory problems are often a tingling sensation, formication in the legs and arms, falling asleep of hands and feet, and leg cramps. To prevent more serious illnesses, take these complaints seriously.

An unbalanced and high-fat diet, smoking, stress, and a lack of exercise can increase circulatory disorders and should be avoided.


Herbal medicine used at first signs of circulatory problems, like tingling sensation, formication, feeling heaviness and tightness in legs and arms, hands and feet going to sleep, and leg cramps. The proven formula from the Tibetan medicine is approved as a medicinal product in Switzerland and is unique worldwide.

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