Specialised immune cells are part of this system. They travel with the bloodstream through the smallest vessels to the outermost cells of the body, where they perform their protective or defence function.

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Since the immune system acts on different levels, activating efforts that focus on only one single target are only successful to a limited extent. A so-called multi-target approach, i.e. the pursuit of several goals at the same time, shows a long-term harmonisation of the processes of cell protection, cellular nutrition and immunology.

Multi-target approach sounds like modern times. The word may be right, but in fact the Tibetan teachings with their typical multi-substance formulas have been pursuing the balancing of energies on different levels for centuries. It uses finely tuned recipes of herbs, spices, fruits and minerals. Together with an adapted diet, they provide a multitude of natural protective substances that can only be found in the plant kingdom.

Together with vitamin C, they contribute to a balancing of energies from a Tibetan point of view. In this way, the system remains in balance, can react flexibly to different influences and cellular nutrition is maintained.

Herbal formula for cellular nutrition with 20 natural ingredients and vitamin C. This contributes to normal blood vessel function through normal collagen formation, normal gum function, immune system, as well as cell protection against oxidative stress and regeneration.