Tibetan medicinal products comprise many plant and mineral natural substances, which support and balance each other. These medicinal formulas act on several levels in the body, at the same time, and have few side effects.

For circulatory disorders with symptoms, such as going to sleep of hands and feet or leg cramps.
For digestive disorder with a feeling of pressure in the stomach area, bloating and flatulence.
For occasional constipation with accompanying bloating, for example, by changes in diet and change of location.

These drugs are approved in Switzerland and are easily available without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores.

Read the package insert.

We are committed to ensuring our products are available in as many countries as possible. A list of countries, where you can buy the tried and tested formulas of PADMA you will find on our distribution partner page.

Food Supplements

PADMA Original Formulas are apporoved as dietary supplements in Switzerland. They are available for puchase at specialized retailers.

To maintain a balanced gastric climate.
To protect a normal liver function.
To support the fat digestion.

Medicines with a cantonal approval

The following medicines are exclusively approved in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden and are available without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores. Read the package insert.

This medicines have not been tested for their quality, safety and efficacy by the Swiss Authority for Therapeutic products (Swissmedic) and have not been approved. Therefore they can be sold exclusively in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

The following shops are carrying our approved medicines in the canton of Appenzell Ausserhoden:

  • Apotheke zur Eiche AG, Platz 10, 9100 Herisau, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 353 50 70
  • Drogerie Bohl, Poststrasse 16, 9410 Heiden, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 891 17 63
  • Drogerie Hermann, Langgasse 24, 9056 Gais
    Phone +41 71 793 28 77
  • Drogerie Michel, Dorf 20, 9053 Teufen AR, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 333 14 68
  • Apotheke Frey AG, Poststrasse. 22B, 9410 Heiden, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 898 89 50
  • Drogerie Sonderegger, Hauptstrasse 50, 9042 Speicher, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 344 10 22
  • Biologische Apotheke der Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle
    Battenhusstrasse 12, 9062 Lustmühle AR, Switzerland
    Phone +41 71 335 71 41


PADMA AG maintains a product line under the name of PADMED, so physicians in Switzerland can prescribe them. These products are on the reimbursement lists of the basic insurance companies. Following products are available:

PADMED CIRCOSAN * (identical to PADMA 28)

* PADMED CIRCOSAN can be prescribed by doctors under the brand name Arteria-Vita (company Permamed AG, Therwil).

All worldwide sold products of PADMA are manufactured and certified in Switzerland under internationally approved guidelines for pharmaceutical products.