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Food supplement with magnesium according to Tibetan constitutional doctrine


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Food supplement with magnesium according to Tibetan constitutional doctrine

Nerves and psyche

Herbal capsules with ten grounding and balsamic plants, such as liquorice root and Indian frankincense, as well as magnesium. Magnesium contributes to normal

  • function of the nervous system
  • and normal mental function.

Note for people with allergies and diabetics: PADMA NERVOBEN is vegan, lactose and glutenfree. 1 capsule contains about 0.04 g of carbohydrate.

Serene through the day, calm into the night

PADMA NERVOBEN is pure herbal power for the permanently busy person and his daily challenges.

  • There is power in calmness.
  • The merry-go-round of thoughts and the perpetual whirl of thoughts were yesterday.
  • The precious plants ground and envelop the entire nervous system.
  •  Ideal to master everyday life more easily, concentrate better and stay calm in hectic situations.

As a holistic supplement to an optimal diet, based on the whole nervous system.

In focus

For the Tibetans, serenity is important for the harmony of body and mind, regeneration and for a happy and fulfilled life.


The vegan capsule shell consists of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose.

1 capsule contains:

caraway 60 mg
myrobalans 40 mg
liquorice 40 mg
nutmeg 40 mg
cloves 30 mg
elecampane 30 mg
Sichuan pepper 30 mg
magnesium oxide 30 mg
fenugreek seeds 28 mg
Indian incense 20 mg
asafoetida 12 mg

The individual herbs of PADMA NERVOBEN worked like a network and complement each other to form a harmonious interplay. Pure plant power, synergistic with magnesium. Magnesium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system, normal mental function, normal energy metabolism and reduced fatigue.

The raw materials do not come from Switzerland.

Recommended consumption

Take 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules after dinner, preferably with plenty of hot water. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

A daily dose (4 capsules) contains 72 mg of magnesium. This corresponds to 19% of the recommended daily intake (RDI).

Store dry and protected from light. Keep out of reach of small children.


Ancient knowledge about a unique formula

PADMA NERVOBEN is based on a 1000-year-old recipe from a collection of formulas handed down from Tibetan teachings. The formula “Dza Ti 10” was already used at that time to ground body and mind. It reduces the feeling of being “through the wind”, which the Tibetans already called “wind” energy centuries ago.

Due to its rooting and enveloping character, it is one of the most important formulations, far beyond the borders of Tibet.

  • Natural
  • Knowledge
  • Quality

Tibetan Formular, manufactured in Switzerland. Naturally!

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