Tibetan formulas manufactured in Switzerland

PADMA combines the ancient wisdom of Tibet with modern research, carefully selected ingredients, and Swiss quality. Our medicinal products, like PADMA 28 for circulatory disorders, PADMA DIGESTIN for indigestion, and PADMA LAX for constipation and flatulence, have proven themselves for many years in Switzerland.

PADMA Original Formulas

The vast knowledge of the Tibetan constitutional doctrine forms the basis for a holistic nutritional science. According to the doctrine, plants and minerals play an important role in keeping the energies in body and mind in balance.

PADMA’s Original Formulas are based on proven formulas and available as food supplements in pharmacies and drugstores.

Further developing proven medicines

It is PADMA’s concern to make more formulas available.

Some of PADMA’s formulas have received cantonal drug approval for over 15 years in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. There, the approved medicines are manufactured according to tried and tested plant formulas from Tibetan Medicine and comply with international standards of quality. The products are available without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores of the canton Appenzell Ausserrhoden.

This medicines have not been tested for their quality, safety and efficacy by the Swiss Authority for Therapeutic products (Swissmedic) and have not been approved. Therefore they can be sold exclusively in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden.


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PADMA, in Switzerland, produces herbal medicines and food supplements, based on Tibetan medicine, since 1969, and see itself as a bridge builder between different systems of medicine.
Tibetan Medicine and Constitution Doctrine is a holistic medicine and nutrition system, based upon the doctrine of five elements – earth, water, fire, wind, and space. The five elements manifest themselves in human beings through the three principles of Lung, Tripa, and Beken. If these three principles are in balance, we feel mentally and physically healthy.