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Nature’s power and Tibetan knowledge combined

The PADMA idea

PADMA is looking for something special: We tap the power of nature through the centuries-old knowledge of Tibet in dialogue with modern science. This results in Swiss quality products as faithful life companions for health-conscious people.

Immerse yourself with all your senses in the diversity of a Tibetan mountain meadow and feel our source of inspiration. We produce unique medicines and food supplements for your health and well-being from natural herbs. PADMA harmoniously combines proven Tibetan knowledge, the strict scientific standards and Swiss precision.

Pure nature

PADMA products are precisely combined mixtures of natural herbs. Specially collected and cultivated plant species come from Switzerland and other European countries as well as Asia. To preserve their health-promoting value, they are processed in Switzerland using a gentle technology, without preservatives, fragrances or colourings. So the power of nature comes pure and unadulterated into your hands, without extracts, essences or concentrates.



PADMA products are inspired by Tibetan herbal formulas that have proven their effectiveness for centuries. In Switzerland, our scientific team thoroughly researches these traditional formulas and reinterprets them to meet human needs in a dynamic and rapidly changing world. By translating ancient knowledge into modern practice, we are conscientiously pioneering the flow of time.

Inspired by Tibet!


PADMA products contain only raw materials that pass the strict Swiss quality tests. Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities, the quality of the raw materials is maintained right down to the capsule of each individual PADMA product. The harmonious interaction of the power of nature with Swiss precision guarantees effectiveness and reliability. The tested quality together with the good tolerance make PADMA products popular contemporary companions in every life situation.

By conviction!


PADMA captures the elemental power of nature in high-quality herbal formulations. We have been producing medicines and food supplements from natural herbs in Switzerland since 1969.

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PADMA quality is Swiss quality!
Thanks to gentle technologies and strict quality tests, the diversity and power of nature comes pure and unadulterated into your hands.


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Tradition meets science!
In order to preserve the centuries-old knowledge of Tibet, we will continue to promote scientific research into Tibetan recipes in the future.

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We are looking for something special!
We find inspiration in the diversity of our herbs and in nature. Fascination arises from dealing with century-old knowledge and modern research. Creation is how we understand our daily work for your well-being. This is where our commitment and social responsibility comes from.

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