Knowledge builds bridges

Research into centuries of old herbal recipes from Tibetan Medicine is the cornerstone of the company’s history.

The founder of PADMA, Karl Lutz, was convinced of the meaningfulness of a scientifically sound synthesis between Western science and traditional Tibetan Medicine.

His pioneering spirit made PADMA the first institution to begin the scientific examination of traditional recipes of Tibetan Medicine.

From the outset, PADMA promoted the scientific exploration of the effect mechanism and medical application of Tibetan formulas.

The PADMA plant compositions over time have become the best researched Tibetan formulas worldwide. Since its inception, PADMA has been a “bridge builder” between the cultures, knowledge, and medical systems.

The connecting element has always been the knowledge gained from scientific research papers.

Research promotes understanding

To integrate Tibetan remedies into our medical system, their effect must be understandable for doctors and patients in the scientific, rational context of Western school medicine.

That takes research to explain the effectiveness of these formulations.

Therefore, PADMA has participated for over 45 years in numerous research projects in Switzerland, Europe, and overseas. The focus of the research is always the research into the effectiveness and tolerability of the Tibetan multicomponent blends.

The research about Tibetan remedies has exponentially increased in recent years. The most important scientific works are retrievable at PubMed, the internationally recognized database of published studies.

Findings from these studies provide access to Tibetan Medicine to Western physicians and promote recognition and appreciation in the international circle of science.

Research for the future

The transfer of knowledge takes place at different levels in an interdisciplinary exchange. In close cooperation with universities, hospitals, doctors, and medical schools, studies are conducted, papers are published, and case reports are being shared and discussed at medical congresses at an international level.

To transfer the historical knowledge of the Tibetan holistic medicine to Western medical context, PADMA also works with doctors and scholars of Tibetan Medicine.

They try to translate scientifically the original medical texts with the description of the formulas, the individual active ingredients, and their effects.

Also, the indications according to the Tibetan tradition are translated into medical terms, so the transfer of knowledge and understanding is ensured.

To preserve the knowledge of the tradition of Tibetan Medicine for future generations, PADMA is committed to future research and further development of Tibetan formulas.


All products of PADMA are manufactured and certified in Switzerland under internationally approved quality guidelines for pharmaceutical products.


Our formulas are part of the heritage and tradition of the Tibetan constitutional teachings. We want to preserve the centuries-old and proven knowledge from Tibet and make it usable for people.