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Made in Switzerland

The enormous potential of natural Tibetan recipes can only be fully exploited if the products are manufactured and controlled according to high quality standards. The highest Swiss quality standards apply to all manufacturing steps for all PADMA food supplements.

“Made in Switzerland” is not just a label for us; it belongs to our history. Therefore, we are deliberately committed to a future in Switzerland, and we are providing our products in as many countries as possible.

Natural raw materials

The PADMA products comprise dried and ground parts of plants and minerals, which are carefully mixed and filled into capsules.

The plants are used in a natural state, without means of extraction or other chemical processes. We also deliberately forego additives, such as preservatives, flavorings, flavor enhancers, or dyes.

The formulas should be natural and authentic and meet our Western quality standards.

Herbal products must be produced gently and softly so that the active effects of the herbs are preserved. Production is carried out according to the high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry in our factory in Switzerland, which specialises in Tibetan formulations.

The raw materials come from various parts of the world. When purchasing, a particular emphasis is placed on purityquality, and sustainability. Most of our medicinal plants come from specialized cultivation projects.

This makes it easier to control the quality of the plants, and it remains constant. It also makes the confusion with other plant species impossible.

PADMA is also committed to fair trade. Where possible, we work directly with producers locally and aspire to maintain partnerships for many years.

To establish sustainable and resource-friendly plant compositions, some plants are grown specifically for the PADMA per organic guidelines in the European area.

Unlike many preparations whose raw materials are produced exclusively in China or Asia, there is no such dependence on individual suppliers and countries. This minimises the risk of supply bottlenecks, as is the case with various other products due to the current high demand or problems in the supply chain.

Swiss Quality

The production takes place according to internationally recognized GMP guidelines for pharmaceutical products. Regular official inspections guarantee quality and safety of PADMA products.

The raw materials used must meet all strict regulatory quality requirements. Careful quality controls in external and in-house laboratories ensure only high-quality plant parts are used in processing.

Up to five times before and during the manufacturing process, the plant ingredients are reviewed on their identity, and their active ingredients are tested.

The specialists of PADMA use not only modern chemical analytical methods, but also their fine noses and tongues.

Firma Padma, Tibetische Medizin Im Labor

The human organs of perception are represented in the so-called organoleptic test, a highly sensitive instrument and perfectly complement the technical test instruments.

Especially the taste is tested in this way, according to Tibetan tradition, also responsible for the effect of the formulation.

The purity of the used plant parts is especially important. Every raw material is carefully tested during the purchase and after each step in processing (grinding, mixing, encapsulation), regarding pesticide residue, contamination with heavy metals, and mold checks.

The regulations and statutory limits are strictly adhered to, which are controlled and audited by independent external laboratories.


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