Protective substances from plants

The modern way of life brings progress, convenience, and enjoyment. However, this often also means a burden on the organism, because we are daily confronted with stressful situations. In our body, so-called “free radicals” arise; these are aggressive oxygen compounds. They damage cells and activate “stress hormones.” Eventually, the immune system is weakened by them.

Free radicals are formed in the normal metabolism of people, and every day, many free radicals are formed. Mental and physical stress, stressful environmental factors (ozone, smog etc.), nutritional errors (too greasy and too sweet food and food additives), Tobacco smoke, and illnesses (diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure) make the body cope with additional enormous amounts of free radicals.

A healthy body can cope with free radicals and produces oxidative substances through its antioxidant mechanisms and renders them harmless; it detoxifies itself so to speak.

If there is too much oxidative stress in the body over a long time, or if too many free radicals are being released, it leads to a constant mild irritation and activation of the immune system. Over time, this can lead to a chronic, subliminal state of inflammation throughout the body. It is call low-level inflammation.

If this inflammation develops on the walls of the blood vessels, it can lead to the narrowing of the vessels and circulatory disorders. Plant-based protective substances can protect the body from harmful free radicals and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The substance mixtures from Tibetan Medicine provide such plant-based neutralizing substances.