Sharp Mind – Concentration & Precision

No matter what you do, you actually always have a goal in mind which you want to achieve through your actions. Undeniably, this is accomplished more efficiently and productively when you can count on a sharp mind and active mental precision while working towards it.

Due to distraction, many tasks and everyday life, it is difficult to always pursue the goals with full concentration. When attentiveness wanes, concentration is impaired and the sharp mind fades. It then takes much more time and motivation to achieve the goals. Here, Modern Multi-Tasking, in particular, can lead to imbalances and loss of energy.

Working in a structured manner, according to a plan without having to do several things at the same time is the most important basic requirement. In addition, the brain needs sufficient fluid to perform at its full capacity. However, not coffee, but water or tea, such as lemon balm tea. If you like, you can also steep a slice of lemon or a few slices of ginger in it. The acidity of the lemon and the pungency of the ginger have clarifying, refreshing, and activating properties.

Complementary herbal recipes such as those used in Tibetan constitutional doctrines can help to utilize the full mental potential on various levels. Ginger root is also found in PADMA COGNIBEN because of its clarifying properties. This recipe consists of ginger, nutmeg, caraway, as well as iron. Iron contributes to normal cognitive function and reduction of fatigue. This clears the feeling of a mental fog and balances the cognitive performance flow.