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Stay on the task – maintain focus

There are periods in work projects, learning or exam periods, and often in normal everyday life, when you need to stay on the task in order to successfully complete tasks within a useful time frame.

If a high level of mental presence is required, then it is often difficult to maintain this for a long time. This is because multi-tasking in such situations causes structure and focus to be lost, and mobile communication is distracting. The constant notifications or e-mails divert attention from the goal.

The more intense such phases become, the harder it often is not to lose focus and not to be distracted by every little irregularity.

Bringing structure and regularity into everyday life already helps to maintain focus, concentration, and energy. Be it through to-do lists, schedules, etc., you must not do everything yourself, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Seeking and accepting help also saves body and mind from overload.

In addition, exercise in the fresh air clears the mind and gives new momentum. Whether jogging or walking, depending on personal preference. A trick from the Tibetan constitutional doctrines to overcome energetic and mental lows: For about two minutes, massage and knead the edges of both ears between your fingers. This stimulates the flow of energy and refreshes.

In solchen Situation ist es sehr wichtig Körper und Geist zu erden. Denn man gewinnt im übertragenen Sinn wieder stabilen Boden und bleibt fokussiert. Kümmel wird in der Tibetischen Konstitutionslehre hochgeschätzt. Bei uns primär als Gewürz und Verdauungshilfe bekannt, nutzt die Tibetische Konstitutionslehre den Kümmel wegen seiner erdenden Eigenschaften.

In such situations it is very important to ground body and mind. Since, in a figurative sense, you regain stable ground and stay focused. Caraway is highly valued in Tibetan constitutional doctrines. Known to us primarily as a spice and digestive aid, Tibetan constitutional doctrines use caraway for its grounding properties.

In PADMA COGNIBEN, caraway is an important ingredient in the recipe. Especially in times of increased demands. Its grounding power is combined with nutmeg. Iron is also included in the formula. Iron contributes to the normalization of cognitive function and reduction of fatigue and tiredness. It keeps the flow of thoughts balanced and keeps the mind sharp. This helps maintain focus and keep you on task.