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Tibetan tradition in Swiss quality

“Pioneering work” – since the foundation of PADMA AG 50 years ago, this task has shaped the company’s history. Since 1969, PADMA has been producing herbal medicines and food supplements based on centuries-old traditional recipes in pharmaceutical quality exclusively in Switzerland. From the very beginning, the Swiss company has consciously chosen Switzerland as its production location. (> About us)

Switzerland is part of our history and an important factor in ensuring the best Swiss quality.

The individual raw materials have been cultivated for many years in different climatic regions of the world by long-standing cultivation partners. This minimises risks and dependence on just one supplier or producer.

Exclusive combination between East and West

Around 9000 km of overland route lie between the two alpine regions of Switzerland and Tibet. Pioneering work also needs bridge builders. And that is why PADMA also takes on this task with regard to all its supply chains, from cultivation to pulverisation of the plants and production in Switzerland, by cultivating long-standing relationships with its raw material suppliers in various parts of the world. Fair trade is the basis for the long-term partnerships we strive for.

Most of the medicinal plants used come from specialised cultivation projects. Some of the plants are grown specifically for PADMA according to organic guidelines in Europe, especially with regard to sustainable and resource-saving production.

All formulas are composed of valuable plants from nature. With the organic management of the cultivation areas, PADMA can ensure its contribution to soil health and thus to the preservation of biodiversity, biological diversity.

The other part of the PADMA plants comes from controlled wild collection. By training the collectors, the main aim is to prevent the overuse of natural resources. Finally, all plant parts used must meet the strict guidelines for herbal production and the official pharmacopoeia.

Purity and quality

The raw materials are delivered to Switzerland, where all PADMA products are manufactured. (> Quality)

The dried and ground plant parts and minerals are carefully mixed without preservatives or additives and filled into capsules.

The plant parts used are thoroughly checked for pesticide residues and contamination with heavy metals or moulds when they are purchased and after each processing step.

For example, a product such as PADMA 28N can undergo up to 300 different quality tests and purity tests before it leaves PADMA in Switzerland.

The traditional recipes originate in the East and the multi-substance mixtures are produced according to modern standards in the West. By making the formulas known in the West and the findings from research, the understanding and recognition of Tibetan teachings in the international circle of science as well as in the modern Western scientific context in health promotion therapies are promoted. (> Research)

A question of trust and long-standing relationships

The question of quality is now more central than ever: with globalisation, trust in the manufacturers of herbal medicines and food supplements, as well as reliability on the origin of herbal raw materials, remains crucial. This question of quality and the security of supply chains is arguably as old as trade.

Since antiquity, this exchange of goods and ideas via the various trade routes from East to West and vice versa has been documented.

In medieval monastic recipe collections from the 9th century, this theme is specifically addressed: “If the pepper is light, it is old; if it weighs heavy, it is new; but beware of the deceit of the merchants . . . .”.

With its production in Switzerland and its long-standing relationships with raw material producers, PADMA can currently benefit from its many years of development work in various parts of the world.

Unlike many preparations whose raw materials are produced exclusively in China or Asia, there is no such dependence on individual suppliers. This minimises the risk of supply bottlenecks, as is the case with various other products due to the current high demand or problems in the supply chain.

All original PADMA formulas produced in Switzerland meet the official requirements for quality and safety and are also embedded in a centuries-old tradition with a holistic view of human health.